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SoundHouse Training Centres

The Alfred Brash SoundHouse at the Arts Centre in Melbourne was the first of its kind, and opened in 1986. The initial aim was to foster musical creativity through providing access and guidance to music technology. Now, in it's twentieth birthday year, SoundHouse has broadened its scope to include a plethora of music, multimedia and communications technologies.

SoundHouse has developed a broad range of curriculum across a range of disciplines, and has established itself as a leader in the field of integrating technology into learning. 

SoundHouse offers a range of training opportunities for teachers, musicians and students of all ages through its network covering a large sector of Australia. Onsite training and consultancy is also offered by several SoundHouse facilities.

    Click here to visit the Soundhouse™ Association website

    Are you an educator that is interested in Professional Development courses on our software products?
    Follow the links below for Soundhouses offering PD on Finale, Cakewalk, Sony and PG Music products:

     Alfred Brash SoundHouse - The Arts Centre, Melbourne
     Debney Park SoundHouse - Melbourne
     Powerhouse Museum Soundhouse - Sydney
     Soundhouse VectorLab - Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
     Chatswood SoundHouse - Sydney
     Sunraysia Red Cliffs SoundHouse
     Scitech SoundHouse - Perth

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